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Small LN2 Cryogenic Seafood Rapid Freezer
  • Small LN2 Cryogenic Seafood Rapid Freezer

Small LN2 Cryogenic Seafood Rapid Freezer

*CE Certificates. *Satisfactory Price . *High Accuracy. *One-click Operation. *Credible Quality


3. Product feature and application

- Wide operating temperature range

- Quick freeze time ranges from 5 minutes to 20 minutes

- Unique wind field design makes the wind speed and temperature in the quick-freezing zone more uniform and stable

- 150mm insulation layer, ensuring that the external surface temperature of the equipment is normal temperature at high and low temperature


4. Application Case

Quick-frozen aquatic products account for a very large proportion of quick-freezing processing industry. Because aquatic products have the characteristics of high water content and easy loss of nutrients, freezing by traditional food freezers is prone to water loss and loss of flavor, compared to our liquid nitrogen seafood freezer.

We recommend that clients use or update the original equipment as our liquid nitrogen seafood freezer to ensure productivity and improve the quality of quick-frozen aquatic products. Very fast freezing can reduce the formation of ice crystals in the food, without damaging the cells, maximum reduce the water loss, and retaining the original taste of aquatic products.

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