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Large Industrial Durian Freezer
  • Large Industrial Durian Freezer

Large Industrial Durian Freezer

*CE Certificates. *High Accuracy Detector . *Practical PLC System. *High Precision of Sensor and


In order to quickly freeze freshly harvested durians and reduce the excessive maturity of durians caused by field heat, durian suppliers should choose the fastest quick-freezing process for large quantities of durians.

Compared with traditional food quick-freezers, our liquid nitrogen durian freezer can make the center temperature of durian reach -18 degrees Celsius below in only 50~60 minutes, which is 4-6 times faster than traditional food quick-freezers. Industrial freezer can easily handle large-scale production capacity in time and guarantee durian quality of taste, appearance and nutrition.

Therefore, the choice of our durian freezer will affect the financial returns of food processing.

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