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Fish Blast Chiller Blast Freezer

Fish Blast Chiller Blast Freezer

*Liquid nitrogen freezing. *ISO9001 Certification. *SUS 304 Stainless Steel. *Double fan with


3. Product feature and application

Nitrogen in the air is up to 78% of the liquid nitrogen produced by air fractionation, so it is non-toxic. So our blast freezer use liquid nitrogen as a freezing medium and the lowest cooling temperature is -196°C. It can freeze food in as little as 5 minutes. Liquid nitrogen freezer is not only fast, but also will not destroy the internal structure and shape of cells, keeping the most original color and flavor of food.

Because liquid nitrogen freezing is so nice to environment, so blast chiller blast freezer is often used in fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, backing and other industries.

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